Life in the slow lane

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I’m ashamed to say it’s been a month since my last post, so this one’s slightly overdue. As I have learnt from experience, though, things rarely happen quickly in the world of copywriting. This week I received in the post my copy of Quality Wales, Visit Wales’ coffee table publication. I’d been looking forward to it, having contributed quite a significant chunk of content – last September. Then there’s RCT’s 2011 Visitor Guide, which I also got my hands on this week after beginning to think I’d be asked to start on the 2012 version before this one was printed.

In between waiting for the postman, I’ve been busy writing a hefty pitch for a trail book… which has been commissioned! But as publication won’t be until this time next year, no need to all rush to Amazon at once. Oh, and I’ve also started a new job!  I’m now a communications officer with a leading cancer organisation, working part-time. The lovely people I work with are dynamic and inspiring but it seems even they can’t escape the perils of snail mail. I received my formal offer of the post yesterday – three days into the job.

It’s all a far cry from my reporting days on a busy daily, where I would arrive at 7am to yells of: “Don’t take your coat off!” This would invariably mean heading straight back out on a breaking story and filing 300 words within the hour. I loved the buzz and the unpredictability of each day and couldn’t imagine myself ever doing anything else. But a few (ahem) years on, I think life in the slow lane might be for me after all. Some web content I was commissioned to write urgently has turned out to be a more – how shall I put it – organic affair, with the client moving back deadlines on a weekly basis. This has left me with little to do other than head out into the sunshine to peruse my copy of Quality Wales. After all, it’s so long since I wrote it, I’m bound to learn something new.