Christmas delivery for children’s trails book!

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The wait is over! It’s been more tense than a weekend in a Yodel warehouse, but… the book is finally here!

South West Wales Children’s Trails is now out, just* in time for Christmas. There have been setbacks, hiccups and some rather severe proofing to do, but my author’s copies and the whole load of stocking fillers ordered for friends and family finally arrive. I hand over a signed copy to each of my darling children (the ones the book is lovingly dedicated to), but strangely they seem more interested in bursting the streams of bubble wrap littering the lounge like poor man’s tinsel. It’s fine; I’m confident the string of lucky recipients along Clydach High Street will be far more appreciative.


The book has 20 lovely walks in the stunning landscape of south west Wales (yes, really… the title isn’t joking!). There are coastal walks, countryside walks and town walks, and I even managed to sneak in some history when the children weren’t looking (I think they were scouring my box of Heritage Walks in South East Wales for bubble wrap at the time). And you can get your hands on your very own copy by mosying on over to Sigma Press’ website and ordering one (or two) for yourself!

So now it’s here I’m signing off for a much-needed Christmas break, filled with great company and hopefully – of course – the odd wintry walk or two.  Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

* I really mean ‘just’. And it’s not delivered by Yodel…

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