New adventures and a new venture!

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Yes I know, the blog’s gone distinctly quiet of late, as pointed out by a new contact wondering why I haven’t published a word since August (rude!). But it’s all with good reason as I’ve been busy working on a long-held ambition, leading to exciting changes coming in the new year.

For some time I’ve been wearing several hats, juggling journalism, copywriting, books, PR and any other word-related work that lovely clients (and friends. And relatives) ask me to take on. Whilst I love the variation, I’m aware that the large business commissioning me to re-write its entire web content isn’t necessarily interested in the children’s trails (hard though that is to believe). And vice versa.

So I’m launching a brand new PR firm over at Chatterbox Communications. Chatterbox officially opens in January and will be the place to come for PR, copywriting, blogging and lots more, especially if you’re a small business or start up working to a tight budget.

The new brand* will free up this site to have a stronger focus on all things bookish, such as my walking trails guides, short stories and ponderings engaging thoughts about writers I like (and books I dislike, intensely). There’s a third trails book coming in the spring, plus news of my new walking companion, who is hard to keep up with once he gets off the sofa but, to be honest, is a complete diva if he can’t choose the route.

So please say ‘hello’ over at Chatterbox and stay tuned here to find out more about fairytale trails, spooky strolls and a dog called Lionel!

* Huge thanks to Jessica Draws for the brilliant branding!