Review: Love Leggings Energise 7/8 Sports Leggings

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I’m running nine miles in the aftermath of Storm Dennis, clocking up a figure-of-eight route that swirls almost as crazily as the wind I’m battling into. I could have waited a few hours, the forecast set to clear, but I wake like a coiled spring and need to get out, too much on my mind. “You’re mad,” says the tallest teen, raising a sarcastic brow as I head for the door. Yes, possibly; but not nearly as mad as I was before I took up running.


The rain in Wales stays mainly on the trails…

I love running in the rain. Ok, today’s accompanying bluster tests my positivity (it’s resistance training, for sure) but I mind ‘wet’ far less than I mind ‘freezing’. The trick, of course, lies in having the right gear; not necessarily even waterproof, but certainly lightweight enough not to drag me down. My new leggings are more than a match for the downpour, seemingly repelling the rain rather than absorbing it and not clogging at all.


Love Leggings is a brand dedicated to representing all women – petite, curvey, pregnant – and children. I’ve been gifted a pair of Energise 7/8 sports leggings, which have, as the name suggests, a shorter cut-off perfect for my 5’3” frame. The choices of length and colour are extensive; I make a note of a sumptuous mulberry and the dusty pink, but choose thunder blue, which shimmers from steel to air force depending on the light.


love-leggingsEnergise is one of three Love Leggings sports ranges variously suited to yoga and pilates, gym workouts and running. When mine arrive, they look tiny and I think I’ll never get into them, but the surprisingly silky nylon and elastane mix glides on. They seem superbly lightweight. The test, of course, is all in the getting outside and actually moving.


My pet peeve while running is a loose waistband that needs constant hitching up, which becomes doubly annoying under my trusty running belt. Love Leggings’ high-rise design, coupled with the remarkably strong support of the fabric, eliminates this problem straight away. The sweat-wicking technology ensures no, er, sweaty bits (some consideration when running nine miles) and the £28 price tag is extremely affordable. My pair is too new to have yet been put through a long-term test (although I might argue that nine miles is long-term enough), but the quality suggests these are leggings to last.


love-leggingsThe subtle branding on the hip is nicely understated, while a key pouch tucked into the front of the waistband is a neat little touch. This week I need to up my mileage further, ahead of the Merthyr Half Marathon in a month’s time. I’m wondering if it’s a challenge too far; it’s a hilly route that will take as much mental strength as that in my legs. To be honest, as my training runs get longer and longer, I’m just focusing on getting through my back door and collapsing on the kitchen floor. I might lose my marbles but, thanks to that nifty pocket, at least I won’t lose my key.


My Love Leggings were kindly gifted. They cost £28 and are available in UK sizes 4 to 20 in a range of colours and styles.  You can follow Love Leggings on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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